Clinical trial prediction

We provide patent pending software to pharmaceutical companies to real-time predict clinical trial failure at the earliest possible point, without breaking the trial’s blinding. Our solution and its recommendations are fully explainable, saving our customers both time and money.

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Introducing rolling, blinded outcome predictions

Evaluate individual patient level outcome data within live, blinded clinical trials which was previously inaccessible without breaking blinding.

Identify in real-time the point which sufficient data has been collected to predict a failed trial outcome at the agreed confidence level.

Protect trial integrity by going further than unblinded interim analyses to eradicate potential
risks of bias

Stop failing clinical trials earlier.

Using 25,000 trial scenarios derived from real trial data on, our current computational model recommended stopping:
- 1/4 of failing trials before 33.4%
- 1/2 of failing trials before 49.7%
- 3/4 of failing trials before 68.4%
This model had a low type II error rate of 0.01 for predicting trial outcome.

Our technology

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